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Company History

Take a look at our 100-plus years of service, including dozens of fascinating historical photos.


Read about a few of the significant milestones in CRANDIC history.

The Beginning

Formally established under the name Iowa Railway & Light Company, the little railroad eventually became known and nationally recognized as CRANDIC.

The 'Interurban'

On August 13, 1904, the first electric cars carrying passengers made their inaugural over the "interurban."

The First Passengers

CRANDIC's first passengers traveled on the "Hot Shot" and the "Milk Can Special."

'Swing & Sway'

With a peculiar swaying motion, the 120-mph Comets led to the popular jingle "Swing and sway the CRANDIC way."

The Last Passengers

The last official run of a CRANDIC passenger train occured in July 1953.

The Next 50 Years

Today, CRANDIC operates 60 miles of main line track and nearly 40 miles of industry track and switching gears.

Celebrating Our Centennial

The CRANDIC marked 100 years of service with year-long festivities in 2004.